Michel Pelletier wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> >
> > J. Atwood wrote:
> > > Stunned. Totally and utterly stunned. I would have thought there
> > > would be Java floating around in Zope's bowl before Perl! Perl?
> > > Jeeze... what a great but very scary thing. I trust that DC will do
> > > it right.
> >
> > I'd agree with the scary part. Scaaary. I hope DC will do it right indeed,
> > and that I can't *see* the Perl if I don't want to see it. DTML is bad
> > enough already! :)
> Zope doesn't ship with any components written in SQL, it is probably the
> case that it won't ship with any components written in Perl.  Also, this
> is through the web style perl methods ala PythonMethods (I believe, I'm
> not on top of this project).  ALthought it may be possible, I'mguessing
> that writing a full fledged Zope product in perl would be trickier than
> it's worth.

I certainly hope so1

I echo another question: will this be a product we can choose not to
install, just as PythonMethods is?
> Don't worry, like Paul said, Zope has methods in many languages and more
> to come, Perl is a great step forward in telling people that we are not
> interested in excluding, but including.  Sooner or later, someone on the
> perl side is going to spend all of their effort and come up with
> something that tries to be like Zope, this is a waste of effort.  Look
> at Gnome and KDE and how they are constantly working to cross purposes,
> inventing the same interfaces at thousands of levels in subltly or
> grossly different ways.  It's actually pretty depressing when you think
> about how an unified effort would far exceed the sum of the two
> incredible efforts to date.  

Actually, there is good reason to doubt such a thing could exist. GNOME
was born in no small part due to the GNOME folks not able to get along
with (on a variety of levels)/or agree with the KDE folks. To think they
could have produced a 'better' interface in a 'unified' effort is at
best hopeful.

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