On Thu, May 25, 2000 at 11:24:17AM -0700, Michel Pelletier wrote:
> Zope doesn't ship with any components written in SQL, it is probably the
> case that it won't ship with any components written in Perl.  Also, this
> is through the web style perl methods ala PythonMethods (I believe, I'm
> not on top of this project).  ALthought it may be possible, I'mguessing
> that writing a full fledged Zope product in perl would be trickier than
> it's worth.

The main thing is that "full fledged" things in perl would be fine. Any
product or site that is completely perl or completely python is going to be
easy for people to maintain.

I just looked about for the FAQ and couldn't find it, so I'm not sure
what it says except what I've picked up here "no products in perl".
I assume this means no external products in perl. If Perl Methods exist,
though, then some people will put them into their ZClasses and their
_internal_ Products, and you'll end up with products that _are_ mixes
of perl and python.

It would be _really_ bad if someone installed a wonderful product like
SquishDot and discovered that half the internals were in perl only 6 months
down the track when they actually needed to change something in it.

The main thing is that the Product page needs to specify EXACTLY what a
Product uses or requires so people don't ever install things that run
counter to their skills.

Products need to list any other products they need (like TinyTables),
whether or not they need a Database Connection and any languages they
may have methods in that _aren't_ python or dtml.

That there's a possibility of contamination isn't a problem at all as long
as everything's labelled properly.

(P.S. The Member Contributed Products page has long needed the "Product",
"Created by" and "Date" headings to actually be clickable and to then
sort the list by that value. I can't count the times I've gone to the
Product page to see if there is something new and had to look at every
single date to try and work out if it's newer than the last time I

> Don't worry, like Paul said, Zope has methods in many languages and more
> to come, Perl is a great step forward in telling people that we are not
> interested in excluding, but including.  Sooner or later, someone on the
> perl side is going to spend all of their effort and come up with
> something that tries to be like Zope, this is a waste of effort.  

I know someone writing a Zope-like management interface in PHP. Are PHP 
methods coming? (Actually they'd probably be more useful than Perl methods 
from what I hear...)

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