Martijn Faassen wrote:
> J. Atwood wrote:
> > Stunned. Totally and utterly stunned. I would have thought there
> > would be Java floating around in Zope's bowl before Perl! Perl?
> > Jeeze... what a great but very scary thing. I trust that DC will do
> > it right.
> I'd agree with the scary part. Scaaary. I hope DC will do it right indeed,
> and that I can't *see* the Perl if I don't want to see it. DTML is bad
> enough already! :)

Zope doesn't ship with any components written in SQL, it is probably the
case that it won't ship with any components written in Perl.  Also, this
is through the web style perl methods ala PythonMethods (I believe, I'm
not on top of this project).  ALthought it may be possible, I'mguessing
that writing a full fledged Zope product in perl would be trickier than
it's worth.

Don't worry, like Paul said, Zope has methods in many languages and more
to come, Perl is a great step forward in telling people that we are not
interested in excluding, but including.  Sooner or later, someone on the
perl side is going to spend all of their effort and come up with
something that tries to be like Zope, this is a waste of effort.  Look
at Gnome and KDE and how they are constantly working to cross purposes,
inventing the same interfaces at thousands of levels in subltly or
grossly different ways.  It's actually pretty depressing when you think
about how an unified effort would far exceed the sum of the two
incredible efforts to date.  We don't want that in the web world.


-Michel Pelletier

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