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> On Thu, 25 May 2000, Chris McDonough wrote:
> > Honestly I'm sort of surprised that there is such a strong reaction to
>    Well, I can see good points here. Perl methods probably will attract
> more users. But I can see bad points, too. What if my perl developer
> resigned? Should I pick up his code? I don't want, I want Python. Should I
> spent a lot of time manually converting his code to Python Method and debug
> it? "There is always too many ways to do it" - it is Perl motto, not
> Python. I am pretty sure Zope shouldn't has too many scripting languages.
> Many protocols - yes, it is very good. But many languages? No, that's bad.

I'm agree with Oleg!
To write in Perl could be nicely or interesting (sometimes), 
but to modify some code written in Perl is ... suicide!
I have learn Perl one year ago but for large projects 
(I presume) is not a good choice.

When someone ask me to start something in Perl, I give him the next code :
(may be you know it)

$_="The perl journal\r"; $|=1;
print while select('','','',.1),eval $e || $e=~tr [4567lu] [6745ul]; 

The problem with this code is that it works :)

Have fun!



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