"Eric W. Sink" wrote:

> After all, a web developer who is a Python
> fanatic chooses Zope for its underlying language.  [Sh|H]e is unlikely
> to react warmly to the stench of Perl and the hideous possibility that
> a customer might develop the expectation that Zope and Perl expertise
> would go hand in hand.
> [ Oops, sorry.  Did I accidentally let my personal scripting language
> bias show through in the previous paragraph?  ;-) ]

:-).  I think there is a significant proportion of Python programmers
who are Perl refugees (funny, you don't hear much about the flip-side
of that equation), so this announcement was bound to rub a few raw
nerves the wrong way (if you pardon the metaphor mix).  I'm glad my
Perl maintenance days are (mostly) behind me (where the only # in a
4K+ script was the #! invocation at the start - shudder), so I wasn't
too sure what I thought when I read the announcement.  But I figure
DC are pretty smart guys (heck, look at Zope - I couldn't dream that
up in a month of Bourbon), and so far they've been on the ball, so
let's give them the benefit of the doubt.  Heck, might even win a
few more Python cultists^Wactivists^Wenthusiasts along the way.  :-)

(* Other well thought comments regretfully snipped *).

  Daryl Tester

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