I have a lot of time and exposure to Tomcat so it made it easy for me 
to run those tests (BTW, now in production, on the same machine Zope 
is about 3 times faster!) but none really with  PHP or Mason. In the 
end of the day, though, as most of the people have been saying on 
this list, you really shouldn't be focusing on comparing the raw 
speed of two totally different applications with different feature 
sets. I would challenge you to find something as powerful /useful / 
extendable as Zope written in any language and if you did, we could 
run those benchmarks.

What I *would* suggest focusing on is can Zope provide you with the 
right amount of features and functionality and can you scale it? So, 
and god willing, your site that you build in Zope goes from 
0-1,000,000 hits a day, can you handle it? The answer is yes (a mix 
of Pentium, 256 MB Ram and fast drives with Linux will do that). What 
about if you double that or go to 10,000,000 a day? Well, that is 
where ZEO and load balancing will come in. I can personally tell you 
that you could set up four Pentium 300 MHz Zope installations running 
a ZEO instance behind a load balance (not nearly are complicated as 
it seems) and you would be able to handle most of your Yahoo dreams.

So, keep researching, asking the right questions and looking for 
those answers but don't get caught up in the benchmarking game too 
long, it is only one very small piece to the equation.

Good luck.


At 10:19 PM -0400 7/6/2000, Firestar wrote:
>Thanks for your info. The benchmarks look impressive! However, what would be
>interesting is how Zope performs compared to Apache+PHP or mod_perl/mason
>and other open-source solutions...
>If you happen (and have the time) to compare them, do tell me:)
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>Subject: Re: [Zope] Is Zope slow?
>No. Not when compared to other applications that do the same *type* of thing
>(which there are very very few).
>Check out an interesting set of benchmarks I ran against Zope and Tomcat
>connecting to a PostgreSQL database.

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