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Garito wrote at 2005-5-20 12:41 +0200:
I have a ZCatalog object with a keywordindex called keywords

I would like to search some objects with keywords ['k1', 'k2', k3', 'k4'] for that I use:

return context.catalog({'keywords': {'query': ['k1', 'k2', k3', 'k4'], 'operator': 'and'}})

but these query returns objects with keyword = ['k2', 'k3'] (for me incorrect, I would like to find objects with *all* keywords

How can I make these kind of querys?

A long standing bug in "KeywordIndex"...

Maybe, you give my "Managable KeywordIndex" a try
(part of "ManagableIndex").

I cannot promiss you that
"ManagableIndex" is free of bugs but I definitely can
promiss you that a bug resulting in wrong search results
is fixed much much more quickly than in the Zope core :-)


Hi Dieter!
I can't understand the lack of concern you talk about unresolved bugs in Zope It seems Zope is not a serious tool. Imagine you want to buy a car but the seller says: in these model there are a bug on the brake system but I you put these extra no problem

How can I convince my customers to use Zope with these kind of searchable information?

I think the bigger problem of applications like SO, Application servers and so on are they only think to put more and more funcionality rather that make it's code better and simple

Zope has a very good plug-in machinery. Why don't we use it instead of put more and more funcionality? Why I need, for example, five on 2.8 if I don't use it?

I know that five is on 2.8 because you need to integrate it on zope to migrate to Z3 but I think its better for all us if zope still remain simple, quickly and bugs free instead of a very big application server with a lot of features and a lot of lines of code (that they can fail)

Do you know basecamp? They build simple applications that work The same rules
Flirck? idem, and so on

Less is more

Thanks a lot

PD: sorry but these mail is only an opinion. Zope development team could do what they want, logically

Mis Cosas

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