Why does Zope lag the release of Python by so very long?  

The Python 2.4.X series includes language features and poerformance
enhancements which ought to be available in Zope. For the most part,
Python 2.3.5 is a subset of Python 2.4.X. Compatibility is a language and
implementation design priority.

Python 2.4 was released November 30, 2004, almost a year ago. Python 2.3.5
was released Feb 8, 2005 (after Python 2.4.0, released November 30, 2004,
and shortly before Python 2.4.1 which was released March 30, 2005).  
Python 2.3 was released July 29, 2003.  The current Python 2.4.2 was 
released just recently.

My understanding is that the reason the Python 2.4.X is not the
recommended Python is because a "security audit" has not been performed
and not because of functionality issues.    We have been using Python 
2.4.1 in production without apparent problems; I am about to move to 
2.4.2 which fixes some bugs we have not encountered.

IMHO it would be wise to track the releases of Python a bit more closely. 

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Pascal Peregrina wrote:

> >From the Zope 2.8.2 announcement on this mailing list : 
> > Please also keep in mind that Zope 2.8.2 requires Python 2.3.5. Zope
> > 2.8.2 is not certified for any Python 2.4.x versions. So using Python
> > 2.4 is  neither recommended nor supported and any related questions or 
> > problems are  likely to be ignored until 2.4 is an officially 
> > supported Python version  for Zope.
> Pascal

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