michael nt milne wrote:
I have major problems here trying to set-up authentication over a whole
Plone site using Zope. Using my superuser account I've navigated to the site
root page in the ZMI where it lists all the site pages and objects etc. I've
then gone into security, scrolled down to the bottom and for the 'View'
option I have tried all combinations of 'Manager', 'Authenticated' and
'Aquire'. It simply won't work.

You're simply doing it wrong then ;-)

I get a pop-up box but the superuser manager pass doesn't work.

What does it say when you hit cancel? have you tried enabling verbose security in zope.conf?

I find the Zope security, permissions set-up hideously complex and unusable
to be honest and it doesn't even seem to work.

Then for gods sake stop trying to use Zope and go find some toy system you do understand!

Very frustrated.

So are we, quit bugging us until you've learned a bit more about how things work, started with something simple, or just plain raised your IQ a little ;-)


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