michael nt milne wrote:
Well I said it was over and out but I have to respond to this latest post.

You liar!

Basically though, Zope permissions and security could be made a lot more

Cool, we look forward to your documented proposal to dev.zope.org including implemented code on a branch with unit tests that satisfies all of Zope's potential users while maintaining complete security in all scenarios and providing a ui so perfect that even muppets could use it and not shoot themselves in the foot.

It's far too technically focused and this is the opinion of a few
others as well.

A few other halfwits maybe...

The whole ZMI interface could be put through a usability
re-design to be honest

Ah great, does that mean you're offering to finance this?

and that's not even to comtemplate the security

I'm not sure you're qualified or capable of contemplating such areas ;-)

I have a few clients,

I pitty them, I really do...

who I have built sites for using Plone and on showing
them the ZMI they have re-coiled in absolute horror.

Sure it wasn't just your cack-handed coding? ;-)

Now obviously Plone is
trying to bring more and more features within its own interface, which is
good as it's more usable.

Obiviously, it's why we all _love_ Plohn so _damn_ much *grinz*

However many things still remain.

Sadly, including you...

Most of my
clients are able to use the Plone editing tools and interfaces but can't at
all get their heads round the ZMI.

They shouldn't be going to the ZMI if you've done your job properly with the Plohn interface...

I would guess that changing interfaces
doesn't help but there you go.

Guessing? Yay, just what you need from someone you're paying to develop something...

Glad you feel entertained Norbert. I have been as well and at the same time
have made quite a bit of progress. Cheers.

Please god, leaves us alone...


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