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Gerhard Schmidt wrote:

> I try to reduce the load of the line between the backup Computing Center 
> and the Mainsite by having a zeo server as Proxy between the zope server 
> at the backup site an the ZEO at the main site. 
> Secound part is that the zeo at the backupsite can easily reconfigured in 
> a normal ZEO when the mainsite is offline. So I don't have to reconfigure 
> all zeoclients at the backupsite. The Data.fs is copied  every hour to the 
> backup site so that a have an up to one our backup of the data.fs in case 
> of a desaster at the main site. 
> A configuration like that is described in the Zope Book on page 230. 
> Besides I have found that with a growing number of zeo clients the Zeo 
> server gets slower but neither the CPU nor the Harddisk IO is at the limit. 
> We have a load of 0.2 to 0.3 and disk IO arrond 2-3 MB/sec. We have 12 
> zeoclients at the moment and 12 more are planed for the backup site. 

I would look for a replication strategy to create your "intermediate"
storage server:  the setup you are trying is not supported by the
current ZEO setup.  Such strategies include:

  - Zope Corp's "Zope Replication Services" product, which keeps the
    "secondary" storage servers synchronized with the primary via
    the "spread" toolkit.

  - DirectoryStorage can be used to do replication via rsync.

  - Another possibility would be to use 'repozo' to create deltas
    on the primary, and then propagate them to the secondary via
    rsync, then apply them via 'repozo'.

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