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Refreshing was always a hack and never something I would call a feature.
It was always a hack for *development* purposes but not for production.

Yes, but it's still very handy and many people have come to rely on it.

You might blame Plone for shipping for three tons of frameworks?

I'd agree with you there- theres a little too much bloat, but theres not
much that can be done about it at this point without a major architecture

As Reinoud pointed out: you might think about your architecture and use multiple ZEO clients + load balancing.

I understand and fully agree with you but things are as they are. Even
worser....Refresh does not work Five...

How come? Is there a major technical reason why it CANT work, or is it
something thats just broken and needs fixing. I'm happy to do the fixing
it comes to that, I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Refresh only works in debug-mode. You want to tell us that you are running
a production site in debug-mode?

No. I've never had a problem refreshing in production mode.... ?

Afaik Refresh is not available when running in debug-mode...

As above- is this a major technical problem with Zope 2.9 or Five, or just
something that no-one is really bothered to fix?

Everything is a technical problem :-) E.g. Zope 3 browser views (except page templates) can not be refreshed..so you have at least one Zope 3 issue....


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