Well, the home attribute cannot be changed using the manage_changeProperty
since it is not exactly a property of the object.
I tried that bt did not work..
Any way of putting an object back in ZODB?

As to causing the pain the script would be useful if users can take a copies of
the main dbs and use copies of their own products.

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> > Hello All,
> >
> > Im trying to read from the data.fs file plone product information like
> > home
> > attributes.
> > Im doing this via ZEO using app.Control_Panel.Products.getObjectItems()
> > This returns to me a set of (object ids, objects). Using the object I
> > change the
> > home attribute.
> > When I restart the script the home attribute is the same as it was before.
> > So
> > the change did not take place in the database.
> > Is there any way to check back in the retrieved object from data.fs?
> I don't know anything about plone, but...
> if you want to change a property of an item you can google for info on
> "manage_changeProperties", however I would be very careful about changing
> things in the Products folder!!!
> Do you want to change the product or an instance of a product/class?  In
> which case you need to be accessing the instance object not the Product
> object.
> It makes no difference as to whether you are using zeo or not.
> > PS: I want to be able to modify the home attrib so I can change location
> > of
> > products even after theyre installed. AFAIK this is the only way to do it.
> As I said I know nothing about plone, but changing the location of products
> after they are installed sounds like a good way to cause yourself some
> serious pain. ;-)
> Jonathan


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