The problem that I encountered is that once the Plone Products are installed in
data.fs and I move the same data.fs to another machine there is a constant
message upgrade product in the plone site setup window.
It occurs since the plone setup is unable to find the 'version.txt' file in the
products directory. The home attribute can be changed to fix this.

The problem seems to be of migration of data.fs and products to another machine.
I was hoping to get any info on accessing objects in ZODB


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> > Well, the home attribute cannot be changed using the manage_changeProperty
> > since it is not exactly a property of the object.
> > I tried that bt did not work..
> > Any way of putting an object back in ZODB?
> This is really a plone question (regarding 'home attribute'), so you will
> probably get more help on the plone lists.
> > As to causing the pain the script would be useful if users can take a
> > copies of
> > the main dbs and use copies of their own products.
> I clearly don't understand your objective then.
> By way of an example:  i have an application which, when a user registers:
> creates a folder, creates an instance of a ZCatalog in that folder,
> populates the ZCatalog with some indexes and metadata, creates mysql db
> entries for the user and then emails a password to the user.  The user gets
> their own folder, ZCatalog and mysql entries, but they are instances, not
> 'products'.


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