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Well, the home attribute cannot be changed using the manage_changeProperty
since it is not exactly a property of the object.
I tried that bt did not work..
Any way of putting an object back in ZODB?

This is really a plone question (regarding 'home attribute'), so you will probably get more help on the plone lists.

As to causing the pain the script would be useful if users can take a copies of
the main dbs and use copies of their own products.

I clearly don't understand your objective then.

By way of an example: i have an application which, when a user registers: creates a folder, creates an instance of a ZCatalog in that folder, populates the ZCatalog with some indexes and metadata, creates mysql db entries for the user and then emails a password to the user. The user gets their own folder, ZCatalog and mysql entries, but they are instances, not 'products'.

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