Maybe W3C doesn't care about file systems, but URIs do.
At least http, ftp and file all work with file system paths. We actually work 
with URL, not URI, we don't have general URIs so far.

I tested now file:path-to-uri and it doesn't do what I want: if I give it an 
absolute path, then it returns a complete URI, and if I give it a relative 
path, then it also returns a complete URI, with the path relative to my rbkt 
dir in the build directory. This seems like a wrong thing. If my rbkt dir is 
hardcoded in the file module, then it won't work for other users if I deploy 
the file module.

I still think that this is a job for fn:encode-for-uri. I need a function to 
encode a file system path into a path for URI. So if it is absolute path, make 
it absolute path for URI, not a full URI, and if it is relative path, make it 
relative path for URI.
And then this path I can apply to fn:resolve-uri.
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