Review: Needs Fixing

1) Should be possible to call json:serialize(json:parse(VALID_JSON))
where VALID_JSON is any valid JSON string
see failing test test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-snelson-serialize-parse
added bug lp:920717

2) array and object closed prematurely in json:parse
see failing tests test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-snelson-parse-array-06 and 
added bug lp:920719

3) When trying to parsing a valid JSON string with invalid JSON option 
parameter the error raised is:
Please add a more useful error message: see failing test 
added bug lp:920720

4) Parsing an empty value has wrong behavior for both JSON mappings (Snelson 
and JSON-ML).
Please see failing tests:
- test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-snelson-empty-value
- test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-jsonml-empty-value
added bug lp:920721

5) Comment nodes should be ignored by json:serialize
Please see failing tests:
- test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-snelson-serialize-object-03
- test/rbkt/zorba/json/json-snelson-serialize-array-12
added bug lp:920722

6) XQDoc issues: 
- there is no @project tag for the new json.xq module: as a result, in the 
XQDoc documentation is generated in the 
instead of data processing/data converters
Please add a @project data processing/data converters in the module description 
in order to fix this.

- first parse function does not state
zerr:ZJPE0006 as a possible error condition if the passes JSON string is invalid
See added test json-snelson-invalid-json.xq
Added bug lp:920724
Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba.

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