Thomas Adam <> writes:

> On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 08:16:13PM -0400, Dan Espen wrote:
>> Moving the Fvwm-web source to Github won't help if we still need to
>> publish using Jason's services.
> So I've taken a look at this, and have noted the following:
> * PHP is used to regenerate the theming components of the site;
> * PHP is used to render in from the fvwm repo, the contents of files from:
>   NEWS
>   FAQ
> * PHP is used to ensure the theme is applied consistently for the borders for
>   "window" (the default theme).
> What happens via pages is that static content can be used for this.
> I'm starting to think that we have no desire or need for PHP at all for the
> website.  Before the use of static HTML generators, etc., it made a lot of
> sense.  Additionally, there's a lot one can do with CSS which mitigates the
> need for PHP as we're currently using it for the website.
> As for the linking in NEWS/FAQ -- the NEWS file in particular is obsoleted,
> given that git commit logs can be used to gather the same information.  That
> said, if we do retain NEWS for releases, we can just upload a separate set of
> notes for that against each release in the releases area of Github [1].  It's
> a part of the process.
> The FAQ therfore, is part of the website and it should be moved into that
> repository.
> I've since renamed the fvwm-web repository [2] to match the expectations of
> what expects.
> I'd really (REALLY!) be interested in someone coming up with a proof of
> concept on what a FVWM website might look like using a static HTML generator
> that accepts, just to prove my points above.  I won't be doing that
> work, however, but if someone does want to give this a go, do please let us
> know!
> Kindly,
> Thomas Adam
> [1]
> [2]

I think we're embarking on a lot of work.
As a start I've updated the download instructions to send users to GIT.
I know you have the web stuff on GIT but if I make changes there they
won't get to

Jason, let us know if/when you start pulling the web pages from GIT.

I'm pretty good with HTML/CSS.  PHP gives us some nice stuff, but I
guess we can live without it.

Dan Espen

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