On 23 March 2016 at 22:21, Dan Espen <des...@verizon.net> wrote:
> I think we're embarking on a lot of work.

Which aspect, specifically?  Note that if you're referring just to the
website, then you might be right---I don't know enough about HTML/CSS
to make that call.  However, it requires someone with enough
understanding to put in place something static which can be hosted on:


Note that this repository as-named, assumes hosting under github.io,
which as I understand it makes thing a lot easier.  Certainly,
removing PHP at this point is definitely a good idea, as we're not
gaining anything from its use any more that CSS can't provide.  I
consider this a good thing.

> As a start I've updated the download instructions to send users to GIT.


> I know you have the web stuff on GIT but if I make changes there they
> won't get to fvwm.org.

That's OK -- because we can leave what's hosted on fvwm.org
as-is---and start to do something proper with fvwmorg.github.io --
that's your play area.  Go forth and have a blast.  Note that I'm
envisaging something which is self-hosting.  That is to say, something
we can redirect to from fvwm.org -- I see that as a positive thing

> Jason, let us know if/when you start pulling the web pages from GIT.

See previous paragraph, I do not think this is the right approach at all.

> I'm pretty good with HTML/CSS.  PHP gives us some nice stuff, but I
> guess we can live without it.

Excellent.  Then set yourself up with a Github account, and let me
know your username, and I'll add you to the fvwmorg and you can do
something with the website repository.

Note that I'm getting married this weekend and will then be away on
honey moon for two weeks.

Thomas Adam

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