>>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Ethgen <klaus+gee...@ethgen.de> writes:

Klaus> Hash: SHA512

Klaus> Hi,

Klaus> Am Fr den 27. Mai 2016 um 19:33 schrieb John Stoffel:
>> Just to let you know, I'm seeing a bunch of warnings when I did a test
>> compile on Debian Jesse x86_64 system.  I probably don't have all the
>> right libraries installed or something, but I figured cleaning this up
>> would be a good start.

Klaus> Yes, we use some deprecated stuff. Some of them I even don't
Klaus> want to replace. (The inline image stuff)

It would be nice if we could turn those warnings off somehow, because
they will just hide other more important errors.  

Klaus> There are even some warnings in rcfile.c.. Nothing critical but
Klaus> might need some small work.

Well now I think I can try to work on those cleanups if I can find
some time.  Just gettings the warnings fixed would be a good goal in
my mind.


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