> On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 06:02:00PM +0100, Colin Clark wrote:
>On 29/05/16 14:36, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
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>> Am So den 29. Mai 2016 um  4:01 schrieb John Stoffel:
>>> Just gettings the warnings fixed would be a good goal in my mind.
>> True.
>> As you might have noticed, I already did some cleanup in merges 2943df6
>> and 6164a63.
>> Regards
>>     Klaus
>> - -- 
>My view, which is but one of many, is that all compiler messages other 
>than errors should be inhibited for a standard build.
>There may be people trying to use Geeqie who struggle just to download a 
>tar and do a make. For them, compiler warnings are an unnecessary worry, 
>because they do not understand that the warnings are in fact irrelevant 
>to them.
>They are only relevant to the developers - and unfortunately there seems 
>to be very few of those around at the moment.
>Deprecated warnings will never go away, because as fast as they are 
>fixed, the GTK developers are at work creating a few more.
>My view is that all warnings should only be enabled with the 
>--enable-developer option.

The only problem with this configure option, albeit this is the first time I've 
ever heard of such a "configure --enable-developer" option, nobody will be 
prepared for when something then breaks.  With the omission of printing 
warnings during compiling, developers will effectively loose hindsight, unless 
they spend more time to further state further configure time options to print 
the warnings.

Most who compile, need to keep apprised of deprecated warnings, for future 
problems or newer version releases of depends.

Furthermore, you're asking to change something that has been default for more 
than 10-20 years.  It would probably be better to inhibit a "--no-warnings" 
configure option.  In which I think there already is if you manually augment 
the gcc/gcc++ parameters.  (ie. cc --help=warnings; -W/Wextra)  But when I'm 
compiling, I usually always add the -W/Wextra, and further when debugging 
-ggdb, etc...  The more the merrier.)

I think if somebody wants to make the compiling statements prettier or more 
readable, I would suggest using Color GCC.  Color GCC compiler statements are 
more well readable too!

The other option used for source based distributions, is providing the package 
manager responsible for handling "extracting, configuring, building and 
installing", a quiet parameter.  (ie. --quiet)  Most people compiling, would 
likely use the package manager for quieting output.  When compiling every other 
day packages, I do use --quiet.


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