>> There may be people trying to use Geeqie who struggle just to download a
>> tar and do a make. For them, compiler warnings are an unnecessary worry,
>> because they do not understand that the warnings are in fact irrelevant
>> to them.
> I don't think that people who struggle over that output will ever
> compile geeqie themself. They use the version, the distribution is
> giving him.
I understand your point of view, but I am not in complete agreement.

I can do a few things with software, but I have no patience when I am 
trying to get other people's software to run. If I download something 
from the interweb, do a configure/make and get a screen-full of 
messages, I will not spend any time trying to understand it. I will find 
another app and try that.

I would rather leave endless messages that may or may not be meaningful 
to the profis.

I much prefer programs that, if they create a run-able binary, show no 
message other than "It works, try it". I would prefer Geeqie to be that 
way, but I am also happy for it to stay as it is.

To continue the point of making it easy for newcomers to use Geeqie, I 
would perhaps like to see a copy of the Help file on geeqie.org so that 
people may read it before trying a download. I will also (sometime) try 
to create some screenshots for the geeqie.org page.

A few days ago, for the first time in years, I read the Geeqie Help 
file. Traumatic. I think it does not create a good impression of Geeqie.

Since then I have spent far more time than I wanted to trying to improve 
it. In a few days time I will put the files into a branch on the 
repository so that people may comment on it.

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