Colin> My view, which is but one of many, is that all compiler
Colin> messages other than errors should be inhibited for a standard
Colin> build.

I think we should inhibit the deprecated warnings, they're useless
unless we're doing a new release and/or moving to a new version of
GTK.  Otherwise they just provide no useful information at this time.

The (whitespace) dammaged patch I sent goes a long way to making
things quieter, so we can work on the real errors.

Colin> There may be people trying to use Geeqie who struggle just to
Colin> download a tar and do a make. For them, compiler warnings are
Colin> an unnecessary worry, because they do not understand that the
Colin> warnings are in fact irrelevant to them.

Exactly.  These days it's so easy to do: git clone ... && ./configure
&& make
that we should support that model if at all possible.  

Colin> They are only relevant to the developers - and unfortunately
Colin> there seems to be very few of those around at the moment.

I'm slowly trying to help out where I can.  I don't know GTK at all.

Colin> Deprecated warnings will never go away, because as fast as they
Colin> are fixed, the GTK developers are at work creating a few more.


Colin> My view is that all warnings should only be enabled with the
Colin> --enable-developer option.

And just update the readme to reflect that change.  

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