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Hi Colin,

Am Di den 31. Mai 2016 um 19:39 schrieb Colin Clark:
> >> There may be people trying to use Geeqie who struggle just to download a
> >> tar and do a make. For them, compiler warnings are an unnecessary worry,
> >> because they do not understand that the warnings are in fact irrelevant
> >> to them.
> > I don't think that people who struggle over that output will ever
> > compile geeqie themself. They use the version, the distribution is
> > giving him.
> >
> I understand your point of view, but I am not in complete agreement.
> I can do a few things with software, but I have no patience when I am 
> trying to get other people's software to run. If I download something 
> from the interweb, do a configure/make and get a screen-full of 
> messages, I will not spend any time trying to understand it. I will find 
> another app and try that.
> I would rather leave endless messages that may or may not be meaningful 
> to the profis.
> I much prefer programs that, if they create a run-able binary, show no 
> message other than "It works, try it".

I didn't it see that way.

And, yes, I also like it to just output important stuff. But more for
egoistic reason not have to scroll trough all standard messages to find
the important ones.

For that reason I like the output, the kernel is giving.

By the way, I like the term "interweb" as I do not like how meaningless
"internet" is used present days.

> I would prefer Geeqie to be that way, but I am also happy for it to
> stay as it is.

I didn't want to say that.

> To continue the point of making it easy for newcomers to use Geeqie, I 
> would perhaps like to see a copy of the Help file on geeqie.org so that 
> people may read it before trying a download. I will also (sometime) try 
> to create some screenshots for the geeqie.org page.

That would be a big improvement, I believe.

> A few days ago, for the first time in years, I read the Geeqie Help 
> file. Traumatic. I think it does not create a good impression of Geeqie.

ROFL.. :-) I fully believe.

Another "danger area" are the translations. Most are still from the old
gqview and most have fuzzy translations all over the place. Just run
./gen_translations_stats.sh in po directory.

The most accurate one is the German one, I believe. And present days,
Tomasz Golinski does update polish translation when I ask a polish
friend of mine to do it.

That is followed by French as zas did update it from time to time. But
this dates back to 2012 now. And also Greek (el) should be not in too
bas shape although there are many fuzzy translations still in there.

And maybe we could add a en.po to translate all my denglish to proper
english. ;-)

> Since then I have spent far more time than I wanted to trying to improve 
> it. In a few days time I will put the files into a branch on the 
> repository so that people may comment on it.


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