On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 3:26 AM, Ian Zimmerman <i...@primate.net> wrote:
> While I also much prefer Geeqie to stay just a viewer, plus maybe a kind
> of "shell" for editors [1], I disagree that Linux lacks lightweight
> viewers.  feh is currently my other favorite.
> [1]
> On this topic, would it be interesting to create pipelines for editors,
> rather than just invoking them 1 by 1?  For example, we could make it
> possible to create a pipeline where an intricate batch imagemagick
> command is called on the current image, the output is saved to a
> temporary file, and then gimp is immediately called on the temporary to
> allow for manual postprocessing.  Can we imagine a GUI for defining such
> pipelines?

I have just recalled, there is also GEGL (www.gegl.org) for the
"pipelined" editing of the images.

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