>Back in 2006 someone made a port of Gqview to windows. It died pretty quickly. 
>Was this because:
>a) GTK's cross platform capability is a bit of a fiction
>b) Gqview/Geeqie was too complex to port successfully
>c) Windows users are happy with what they have, and would not bother 
>with Geeqie

My bets are on option "c) Windows users are happy with what they have."  
They're happy with the default Windows' image viewer.  The default viewer is 
extremely easy and apparently light in resource usage.

I usually then resort to The Gimp under Windows for further image editing 
functions.  The Gimp GTK interfaces seems to work just fine under Windows.

Linux is a different story, as most easy image viewers are heavy on system 
resources or (more currently) depend upon clunky and heavy resource usage 
Python scripting.  For those of us that are a little more computer literate, 
ImageMagick display does just fine, but for photography image browsing, 
GView/Geeqie was a God send.  God send because GView/Geeqie is light and simple 
to use.

I also think if Geeqie keeps gaining more image editing functions with those 
functions not having switches for deactivating of such image editing functions, 
users may start to sway towards other more heavier applications.  (eg. If user 
is already loading an image editor, they may just opt to  load some other heavy 
XYZ application.)  Just guessing on the later here.  I'm one of those, if I 
need image editing, I immediately use the more defacto imagemagick or The Gimp.


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