On 24/12/16 15:39, Alexander Antimonov wrote:
> While porting to C++1x it is good chance to make Geeqie more
> cross-platform. But it seems Gtk is becoming (has become) an auxiliary
> tool for the "GnomeOS". And some of the well-known projects was/is
> migrating from Gtk. Maybe we should consider Qt instead? Anyhow, I
> guess it's more correct to talk about re-implementation than just
> port.
I apologise for asking some questions that are no doubt totally obvious 
to those of you who have current knowledge, however...

Back in 2006 someone made a port of Gqview to windows. It died pretty 
quickly. Was this because:

a) GTK's cross platform capability is a bit of a fiction

b) Gqview/Geeqie was too complex to port successfully

c) Windows users are happy with what they have, and would not bother 
with Geeqie

I guess that the reason is b) but I'd be grateful if someone would 
confirm that.

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