On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM, Martin Schreiber <mse00...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 May 2017 14:08:39 Marcos Douglas B. Santos wrote:
>> I understand your point of view but I think this could be confusing...
>> Well, first of all we should understand the proposal this new language:
>> 1. Is it a low level language that will works like C to make libs, OS and
>> so on? 2. Is it a high level language that abstract the details, but allow
>> us to use these details *if* we wish?
>> I see Object Pascal inside second option.
> Me too, but "abstract details" and "hide details" is not the same for me.
> Agreed, if a developer is confused about pointers and copying
> contents/references he/she should not use MSElang nor Free Pascal.

It is not about "confused" because the developer do not know how to do
something. It is about how easier is to code something in such
If I need to code some lib that will be use in a very specific
condition, low memory, etc I *need* to know how work with low level
code to make a good project. But I wouldn't like to think in these
stuff every day, if my work (for example) is making desktop forms or
web applications which work with a database.
I think this is the one of motives that developers choose PHP for Web,
Object Pascal (MSE, Delphi or Lazarus) for Desktop, C# if the company
use all Microsoft and so on.

It is not about if these languages are better, but if they are easy to
do the work.

Marcos Douglas

PS: For me Object Pascal is the best language, because I can make low
level applications, awesome Desktop applications, everything is
cross-compiled and now working with a big Web application which have
an excellent performance (even if I do not thinking so much on it),
good modularization and maintenance... everything in just one
language... and the f* JavaScript.

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