Hi Marcel,

Also from the other Italian side - the ones living in Italy, sorry Fabrizio
:-) - we would have supported the idea to keep the network code on the ROM
version leaving extra code not needing the ROM timing on RAM. Still there
uare sers using QL with standard interfaces who night be interested in such

On a slightly different subject in our discussion it came out there would be
some need of betatesters especially for the old and less used hardware
configurations (especially wrt emulators) to avoid loosing some
compatibility like it happened for the DD drive support on SMSQ/E for Gold
Card, SGC an Aurora.



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please don't do it, your name is always a clear sign of quality software !
Making the Server (Fserve) external to the rom is a suitable solution, if


On 31/03/2017 17:13, Marcel Kilgus wrote:
> Peter Graf wrote:
>>> It's fairly easy to built new versions, so nobody is stopping 
>>> anybody to make different releases. I do this for my own amusement,
>> If mostly for your amusement, one more reason to give your stuff a 
>> different name. Not the traditional TK2 ROM, where major QL features 
>> are expected to work.
> You have convinced me, I will stop working on it. Thanks for saving me 
> a lot of time.
> Cheers, Marcel
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