I am not sure that a translation would be of much help. With LeClair I think you need to try and separate out the hypothesies as to the mechanism from the observations of what happened. Too often LeClair confuses the two. There is a lot to be said for the 'Method/Results/Discussion' format of presenting information. If we are convinced that at least some aspects of the 'results' are real (I am), I tend to feel you need to start again from first principles on the 'discussion' section.

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LeClair said as follows:

“The experiment gave off powerful crested cnoid de Broglie Matter wave soliton wave packages that were doubly periodic and followed the Jacobi Elliptic functions exactly, mostly in the form of large doubly-periodic vortices. Hundreds of wave trains and vortices appeared everywhere and are permanently burned into walls, objects and trees surrounding the lab”.

What could it all mean - a translation.


IMHO, this is a misspelling of Conoid

In geometry <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometry>, a *conoid* is a Catalan surface <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_surface>all of whose rulings intersect a fixed line <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_%28geometry%29>, called the /axis/ of the conoid. If all its rulings are perpendicular to its axis, then the conoid is called a right conoid <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_conoid>


A vortex sheet can be described by a Conoid. A vortex sheet is a two dimensional topological boundary where a fluid is subjected to shear stresses when there is different speeds of flow of the liquid on the surface of the vortex sheet.


The liquid boundary at the edge of the vortex sheet will tend to curl over into two counter rotational vortexes.



*/Aircraft Wake Turbulence/*

Two counter rotational vortexes will form at the edges of the vortex sheet.

In cavitation, a vortex grows powerful because vortexes tend combine together into larger vortexes (aka solitons).

LeClair considers these solitons to be string vortexes that form matter (aka marions)


*/Monopole and vortex content of a meron pair/*

By the way, a “marion pair” will reduce the charge of an electron in fractional quantum hall effect by sharing the electron charge between the pair of them.


“Hundreds of wave trains and vortices appeared everywhere and are permanently burned into walls, objects and trees surrounding the lab.”

Cavitation will produce a huge quantity of vortexes.

These EMF Vortexes (aka ball lightning) will penetrate walls including reactor walls and move freely in space.

Mobile vortex references supplied upon request.

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