On 1 Dec 2016, at 02:34, John DeSoi <de...@pgedit.com> wrote:

> I created a compiled component... the host sees both the added and removed 
> property executed in the component. What am I missing?

Hi John

It can work under various circumstances, but the results are variable. For 
example your example tends to work ok.

But if you do, say...

compSET_OBJECT_PROPERTY_o ([Table_1]object)
SAVE RECORD([Table_1])

…where compSET_OBJECT_PROPERTY is a component method that has C_OBJECT($1) and 
sets a property, then the modification won’t find its way back into the table, 
even though it may display correctly in the debugger prior to saving.

Then again, if you make the host set a property PRIOR to calling the component, 
using OB SET then it does work. (But if you only initialise the object using 
[Table_1]object:=Json Parse({“”}) then it still gets saved as undefined - even 
if thecomponent set a property value.

I think it’s just undocumented behaviour that cannot be relied upon. You need 
to use a pointer to get total consistency.

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