> On 1 Dec 2016, at 17:36, Peter Jakobsson <li...@netkelvin.com> wrote:
> Strictly speaking it’s a bug - the fact that a method argument remains 
> coupled to it’s source in the calling method despite being explicitly passed 
> by value rather than by reference.
> myMethod($object)  <— 4D’s pass “by value” syntax
> myMethod(->$object)  <— 4D’s pass “by reference” syntax
> At least thats the way I’m increasingly seeing it ;)
> 4D have done a fantastic job of making this very complex data structure into 
> “just another variable” for us in every other respect which I think is a bit 
> of genius actually.
> It’s just this 1 banana skin that’s been left in place. I think they should 
> get rid of it (the coupling between caller and called) and make it observe 
> the same syntax as all other data types. (The “banana skin” behaviour could 
> be left in place with one of those compatibility options in future upgrades 
> for safety).

Hi Peter,

Honestly I disagree with you on this. There are other “data types” in 4D that 
are passed by reference. For example hierarchical lists, plugin areas, menu 
references, XML references.

I ran a test this morning, to try and understand your point on how objects work 
differently in components. But they don’t work different. The example I showed 
in my previous email, worked just perfect when used with a component.

So I don’t think there is a problem at all if you follow my advice from my 
previous email (create a function that works like a constructor; it initialises 
the object and returns it in $0).

If I am not understanding you well, then please send an example by private 


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