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> wrote:
> Hi all. 
> We have an extensive 4D system to which we want to provide summary overviews 
> and drill-downs via the web.
> I have a couple of questions I'm hoping somebody will be able to answer...
> Are you using 4Dv16 in a client server environment as well as providing a web 
> interface to the data?
> If so, we would like to know what software and plugins do you use to make the 
> web environment happen?
> - software and plugins for development?
> - software and plugins for deployment?
> - are you able to do the web development without getting the 4D programmer(s) 
> involved (apart from describing the data structure)?

I use mostly pure 4D with BBEdit, but lately I started to use Graham’s 

As Alex said, for the third question you will end up writing REST API anyway 
which will open possibility for someone to write native iOS and Android app as 
well as web interface in other tool than 4D.

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