I’m partial to React, I use 4D methods to return JSON strings (via JSON 
Stringify on a C_OBJECT)

Before choosing React, I build a proof of concept page with React and Angular 
(not AngularJS). React performed much better and was easier to learn because 
the React language is close to Javascript, where Angular is not.

React is great for building a SPA (single page application) like you would use 
building a mobile application. React will also build native iOS and Android 
applications instead of hybrid apps.

There is a little learning curve with React in that you don’t build HTML you 
build React code that assembles the HTML and displays it and keeps things up to 

React’s strongest draw was the render time. When a web page changes only the 
part that changes is re-rendered. This makes it extremely fast for mobile 

I also used Bootstrap… very nice if you haven’t ever tried it you should.


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