We do the REST API thing. Since 4D introduced the object type it is easier than 
For the frontend we use the Angular framework with a bunch of tools and 

In the backend we don't use any special thing, just plain 4D. We build a 
client/server application. At some customer sites a Apache or IIS is in front 
of the 4D web server as a reverse proxy.

For the frontend the core is the AngularJS framework and Bootstrap as the CSS 
framework. As said there are some other tools we use especially for the build 
process: grunt, sass-compiler, minimizer, uglifier, ant ... to mention a few.

So it is possible to decouple the frontend development and the developing of 
the 4D code. It easier to get new developers since most of them know HTML, 
Javascript, CSS, SASS, LESS and so on. If you ask them for 4D you get a 
confused look.

In theory we are able to exchange the complete backend with another one based 
on a different technology than 4D. We didn't do this in the past, because it is 
a remarkable effort to implement the complete bussiness logic in a new way. And 
4D simply works. After some discussions all customers accepted the decision for 
4D and are lucky with it in the daily operation.

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