Hi Chuck,

IMHO this is not correct.

I recently struggled a lot with 4D View (Pro) licenses. A customer has 40+ 
users on 4D Server (v16), but only a few of them need 4D View. So they bought a 
5 user license. These are my findings :

- if there are no user groups, the licenses are assigned upon login (until the 
number of licenses is exceeded) and freed when the user logs out. Actually 
using the plugin code is not required.

- if there are user groups, it depends...
-- a user who is not in a group will get a license on login
-- if the plugin access is not limited to a group (plugin checkbox not checked 
in any group), all users will get a license (if available)
-- if plugin access is limited to a group (plugin access can be limited to only 
one group!), only users belonging to that group will get a license when logging 
in (which I needed)

- USERS TO BLOB will only store the goups created by Administrator (standard 
behaviour). Eg when you want to restore the settings when updating your db at a 
customers site.
- BLOB TO USERS does not restore the group plugin access (at least not in 
v16.3, haven't tested v17 yet). Bug? I don't know (yet). Maybe USERS TO BLOB 
does not store these settings correctly?


> Op 14 jan. 2019, om 02:28 heeft cjmiller--- via 4D_Tech 
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> You. An create a group called 4d write group. It iS the first people who use 
> 4d write code not just logging in

                Koen Van Hooreweghe

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