Koen, This problem also exists in v15 (and v13). I was using groups and BLOB TO 
USERS and although groups would be restored, any changes to groups would not. 
So perhaps a bug in USERS TO BLOB?

> On Jan 14, 2019, at 4:01 AM, Koen Van Hooreweghe via 4D_Tech 
> <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
> IMHO this is not correct.
> I recently struggled a lot with 4D View (Pro) licenses. A customer has 40+ 
> users on 4D Server (v16), but only a few of them need 4D View. So they bought 
> a 5 user license. These are my findings :
> - if there are no user groups, the licenses are assigned upon login (until 
> the number of licenses is exceeded) and freed when the user logs out. 
> Actually using the plugin code is not required.
> - if there are user groups, it depends...
> -- a user who is not in a group will get a license on login
> -- if the plugin access is not limited to a group (plugin checkbox not 
> checked in any group), all users will get a license (if available)
> -- if plugin access is limited to a group (plugin access can be limited to 
> only one group!), only users belonging to that group will get a license when 
> logging in (which I needed)
> Caveats:
> - USERS TO BLOB will only store the goups created by Administrator (standard 
> behaviour). Eg when you want to restore the settings when updating your db at 
> a customers site.
> - BLOB TO USERS does not restore the group plugin access (at least not in 
> v16.3, haven't tested v17 yet). Bug? I don't know (yet). Maybe USERS TO BLOB 
> does not store these settings correctly?
> Koen
>> Op 14 jan. 2019, om 02:28 heeft cjmiller--- via 4D_Tech 
>> <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> het volgende geschreven:
>> You. An create a group called 4d write group. It iS the first people who use 
>> 4d write code not just logging in


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