But I have the monopoly power spells, totally invincible...

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So, will chuck and jared be gladiator fighting in the cage after Patrick and 
whoever challenges him ?

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  Great post Jared!

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      From: chuck

      Why should you even get access to my ducts or my poles in the first place?

    Because you put them in the public right of way. 
    If you want private ducts and poles, go negotiate your own easements and 
build on private land. 

      I paid to have them put in for my use.

    So you did. We, the public, still get to set the rules (by proxy) on how 
the poles are to be used on "our" land. 

      I realize it is somewhat the "law of 

      the commons" but even then, those who file for a mining claim get the 

      of the mine.  This is just a different kind of mine.

    The mines analogy isn't really suitable as cables on poles do not 
permanently consume non-renewable resources. 

      You still pay an attachment fee because you forced the upgrade of my 

    That only makes sense if I had to pay you until the old pole was paid off. 
After that you should pay me. 

      You should be grateful there is a pole there you can use in the first 

    What's there to be grateful about? I just put in my own damn pole. 
    If there was an existing pole there I could use, you should be grateful for 
me paying it off for you. 

      Why not break out your horizontal directional drill and stay the hell off 


    Let's see how you like that argument when I pass an ordinance to 
underground all utilities. 

    Just because you were the first one to put in a pole, does not mean you 
should be the only one allowed to benefit from the public right of way. 

      (Chuck McCown is playing the part of the pissed off, privately owned, 

      electrical utility in today's episode.  Chuck McCown is not actually a 

      owner but he plays one on TV).

    Jared is playing the part of the outraged and righteous member of public. 
In real life Jared is just an ordinary citizen. 


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