This is one of my biggest issues.  Customers that want to see what is
going on inside their network.  I have come to the conclusion, the
only way to do this is a managed router solution.

Years ago we found the skydog router, it was a great system.  We were
ready to standardize on their system, but comcast bought them and they

Been fiddling with some roll your own stuff using openwrt.  Not too
bad, not sure how it will scale though.

I'm currently testing one system that is suppose to have the inside BW
monitoring at the end of the month.  Have another system coming in
next week that claims to have it all running now.

I'll be making my final decision in November.  Want to give the
cambium guys one more look at the show to see how their stuff has
changed in a year.

We are looking at doing the managed router at about $7.95-$9.95 per
month.  Starting to see more and more people interested in a managed

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Thursday, September 15, 2016, 9:36:03 PM, you wrote:

TOGs> so we got this:
TOGs> "Can yotu help us somehow figure out what is using all of
TOGs> our data? We have looked at the daily usage and can not figure
TOGs> it out. There are days that we have been gone for several hours
TOGs> and the usage is VERY high. Then days we are home have been
TOGs> extremely low. We are at a loss; can you help us or recommend
TOGs> someone who can. Is there a way to break this down hourly?
TOGs> Thanks!
TOGs> --"

TOGs> this is the one in ten request, the other 9 are normally
TOGs> "we didnt do this you people are lying,we never use the
TOGs> internet, our kids follow rules, youre cheating us" in a real
TOGs> catty voice

TOGs> screw those 9 douches, its usually one of the spouses
TOGs> porn affliction, the kids game console. or the fact they leave 5
TOGs> units running in the house with netflix on autoplay, if theyre
TOGs> not illegally torrenting some shit.

TOGs> but, there is the one, who arent cocks, they genuinely
TOGs> want to know. We arent providing them a router, so monitoring
TOGs> from there directly is out

TOGs> we just recently moved DNS to us (huge value I have
TOGs> already found) So whats the best way (to the account, not the
TOGs> individual machine) to track this down, in our environment, We
TOGs> have mikrotik 1100ahx2 from to AP to the edge, and for the firs
TOGs> time, I actually want to set up a tool to help the 10 percent
TOGs> and if you guys who know more than me can spit out a script to
TOGs> drop in to monitor this customer I can pretend I have value
TOGs> within th company. .

TOGs> If you only see yourself as part of the team but
TOGs> youï¿œdon'tï¿œsee your team as part of yourself you haveï¿œalready
TOGs> failed as part of the team.


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