Wouldn't be the first time someone posed as republican, making inflammatory comments, to try to discredit them.

Josh Reynolds wrote:

You don't see that in /r/Hillary , /r/politics, etc.

There are 230,000 REGISTERED in /r/the_Donald , not just viewers and occasional commenters. All moderates were expelled about 6 months back. If you don't have blind devotion, then you are a "cuck", and they will threaten and sometimes "dox" you. It's insanity.

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    It's the same on the left threatening assassinations should they
    win. We are all Internet pimps here, we push the product that
    facilitates this rhetoric getting a voice. It's a very minimum
    number on either side, but our main hoe makes it seem like more

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        Meanwhile in Germany:


        And the guy who managed John McCain’s campaignwritesthat after
        the election:

        “I think what you’re gonna see isSteve Bannonmonetizing 30
        percent of the electorate into aUKIP-style movement and a
        billion-dollar media business.”


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        Don't ever read /r/the_Donald on reddit

        Its a cesspool of conspiracy theory, racism, bigotry, sexism,
        beyond-remotely-normal preppers, and in general just the worst
        of humanity. It's /b/ (4chan) on pcp. There's no rational
        thought there, no moderates, just a frenzy of insanity
        spouting violent revolution should Trump lose. "If he wins, we
        beat the system! Make America Great Again! If he loses, it was
        all rigged!"

        I've never seen anything like this. I can only imagine this is
        what the fervor was when Hitler was rising to power. Mind you,
        I'm not calling Trump Hitler - just comparing the environment.

        I know plenty of rational people out there who will be voting
        for Trump. That is their American right! What's going on in
        that subreddit and across the nation in various enclaves
        though is downright terrifying.

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        How do you cure stupidity? Wow, wow, wow...

        Trump's supporters talk rebellion, assassination at his rallies


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