Yeah, and we can leapfrog blame back generations.  Clinton had Bin Lauden in 
his cross hairs and did not pull the trigger.  We installed the Shaw of Iran... 
it goes on forever.  A book called The Looming Towers puts some of the blame on 
a girl in the midwest the spurned the romantic interest of an islamic cleric 
when he was living here in the 1970s.

We have earned a bad rep for trying to do “nation building” across the globe.  
Everyone in the upper levels of the government is somewhat to blame.  

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I remind you....congress had to vote on that. 

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Well Bush decision to invade Iraq did affect my family.. My son who proudly 
served in Iraq came back injured physically and mentally.  He is still under 
medical care .   We should have gone after Taliban in Afghanistan and wiped 
them out along with poppie fields.   Hussein was a dictator I know but our 
reason to invade was based on weapons of mass destruction which didn't exist.   
We messed up the status quo, left and gave ISIS an opening... If you study 
history of region it has shown no outside nation has ever been able to conquer 
area for very long..  These folks have been at war since forever and we got 
caught up in it.  When you travel on plane you are affected... Large public 
events are different now because threat of terrorism exists.   So we are all 
affected some way.    The times, they are a changin

On Oct 16, 2016 9:21 PM, "Bruce Robertson" <> wrote:

  Exactly right.  Who is president has some effect, but not game changing.  
Most people in the country are middle of the road, and the progress of the 
country reflects that.  The pendulum swings back and forth, but always reverts 
to the mean.

  On 10/16/16 8:17 PM, Chuck McCown wrote:

    Congress makes and changes law.  Supreme Court makes a few important 
decisions.  Regulators are who really run the country.

    Does it really matter who the president is?
    What did Obama do?  Encouraged the ACA.  Dropped the ball in Syria.  But  
how did he affect me, my degree of wealth, my amount of spare time?

    Ditto Bush.  They affect foreign policy.  They have the ability to really 
mess up other people’s lives in other countries, but do they really have much 
effect on me?  

    Granted, altering  the make up of the Supreme Court changes things like can 
I choose to marry a dude or do I have to sell wedding cakes to gays.  But that 
really does not touch me.  My granddaughter having to cope with dudes in the 
bathroom at school hits a bit closer to home, but I trust congress will 
eventually settle on something a bit more common sense.  

    I guess I am trying to convince myself that a president really doesn’t do 
much here at home.  Congress does.  The court does.  Bureaucracies do.  

    Now, if the president could get a whole truckload of cheese delivered to 
the Whitehouse and give it out to anyone that drops in for a visit, then we are 
talking about a real impact...


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