OK to answer a handful of questions from this thread.

1)    This turf is a long way away from all my other stuff, so I don’t want to 
actually build a building over there.  Nice to get in out of the rain when you 
are doing onsite but it it is built correctly it can be either remotely managed 
or some smart hands can run out and swap the bad hardware.  

2)    I do have a resolver available at another site, I also have access to 
CDNs.  There are options.  But you know, always seems to work whenever 
my “real” DNS is not working correctly.  

3)    The DIA provider may be able to give me some rack space, so my anxiety 
about having it all under snow in a box in the side of a country road may be 
for nothing.  

4)    Do I really care where the DNS is geographically?

Right now I am shopping for used horse trailers to convert into a splicing 

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A CCR could certainly do DHCP and NAT... I seem to remember there being some 
reason that made using Mikrotik for a DNS server a bad idea, but it would be 
capable of doing that too.

It doesn't take much to run a DNS server, so it might not be a bad idea to 
stick some kind of a little server in there anyway, but I really don't see any 
reason why it couldn't all go in a cabinet on the corner of the street... it 
wouldn't even need to be a particularly large cabinet. 

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 1:59 PM, Chuck McCown <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

  Had a subdivision developer contact me, wanting service for their hundred or 
so homes.  
  I can get DIA close to the area at a reasonable area.  It will require some 
build but that is OK, that is something I feel some level of expertise.  

  Considering a minimal NOC build.  

  I asked this question of someone once before and I cannot find their answer.  
Not sure if asked on the list or not.  But the answer went something like this:

    1.. Buy a big CCR. 
    2.. Hire Linktechs to configure it. 
    3.. Put in a big switch for the AE SFPs and rock and roll.  

  I am sure I would need at least one server.  DHCP, NAT, DNS?
  But can all of that be provided by the CCR?

  What is the smallest NOC configuration that could be created?

  Batts, rectifier, cooling.  

  I really could put all this in a cabinet on the corner of the street.  

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