Since you can't get support on Gmail from Google there are lots of companies 
springing up that deal specifically with how to get gmail support.  Some of 
them make some pretty substantial cash.  

Layne Sisk
801.426.8283, ext 102


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We still see a fair number of support calls from people on G/Yahoo/Hot/<you 
name it> mail.

Email is a dark swirling vortex of confusion.


On 2/23/2018 10:48 AM, Lewis Bergman wrote:
> Maybe some kind of interpreted pressure. We stopped providing it at 
> some point and just had our installers suggest one of the free 
> services and I can't remember anyone ever having an issue with that.
> But in the end to each his own. I just never saw that it did anything 
> but cost me money. Very tiny amounts of direct income from it and 
> absolutely no net profit.

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