I think I would use multiple fence chargers so they can’t just short out one 
circuit and kill the whole fence.
Or I could go all North Korean on them....

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I've seen a few "fences" lately around equipment here in California that are 
8ft-ish and has about 6 horizontal wires that are insulated from the posts with 
plastic hanging signs that say something like "danger 12,000 volts" I'm can 
almost guarantee it's not lethal although they want you to think that, too much 
liability. It's probably just a regular of special fence charger, probably 
would be the cheapest way to build something with the least chance of 

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 3:37 PM, Adam Moffett <dmmoff...@gmail.com> wrote:

  It's only a deterrent.  Nobody's expecting to stop Danny Ocean.

  Is it harder to climb if the barbed wire angles outwards?  My criminal 
trespassing days are well behind me, so I honestly don't know. 

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    That was my thinking as well.

    From: Mathew Howard 
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    I'm not in the habit of cutting through fences, but I'd guess that it would 
take less time to get through chain link, but you're going to need a bigger 
cutters... and if somebody wants to get in that badly, they'll cut through 
either one. 

    But I can say that climbing 8' chain link with barbed wire at the top isn't 
that hard...

    On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 2:24 PM, Bill Prince <part15...@gmail.com> wrote:

      Depending on the gauge, hog wire can be about the same difficulty to cut 
as chain link. Not sure which one would be more or less difficult to get 
through, but when you cut a row of chainnlink, the rest folds up like an 

      I like concertina across the top, but the stuff you described works too. 
Might be easier to work with.

      Motion activated alarms can be effective.





      On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Chuck McCown <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

        I need to build a fence.  Keep people out of my equipment yard.  Lost a 
few things over the years, mostly radiators, wiring batts etc.  Copper stuff.

        So, what kind of fence.  How tall.  I am thinking 10’/8’ T post with 
hog/goat welded wire.

        Perhaps with those barbed wire brackets (if I can get them to fit) with 
three strands of barbed wire angling outward.

        Could do shorter.
        Could do chain link.
        Could do three strands of straight barbed wire at the top of 6’.  

        Not sure I need to do the 2 3/8 pipe posts cemented in the ground 
except for the corners.  

        If they will cut hog wire they will cut chain link I think.  

        Chain link fence company quoted $25/foot.  

        Cops say motion activated lights are the best deterrent.  Followed by 
working or not cameras.  
        And I am doing/will do both of these.  

        Opinions please.

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