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> Alan, what is it about prednet that makes you think it’s conscious?
> What signs is it showing? What’s it doing that makes you think this?
> From what I see, it’s something that predicts the next video frame
> from the one it has been presented. There’s an NN for representation
> but... that’s it.

Okay, that's a pretty good question.

There are a couple of ways of approaching it.

Lets start with what must prednet do to predict the next frame. It must
MODEL reality to the extent necessary to make that prediction. Now
modeling is waaaay overblown but there is a hidden gem there. In order
to produce high quality predictions it will have a strong tendency to
develop a conceptual framework, a hierarchy if you will, that closely
resembles how humans think of and talk about reality.

Now what you see there is flawed as the predictions are blurry and low
quality, but once that is fixed, then you will be awfulydarnclose to
solving AI.

Now attach the entire thing to a motor for the purpose of spinning the
thing around, we find that if it's making good predictions then
therefore it is applying/activating/using concepts from it's world model
which is indistinguishable from saying that it is conscious of those
things being in the world.

Lets approach it from another direction,

When u peel back ur old eyelids what you are seeing is NOT what's coming
in but it's what your brain predicts you are about to see. The eye sucks
in many respects. Heard of the retinal blind spot? The brain uses the
signals from the eyes to anchor and align the predictions that it is
constantly making. Anatomically you see a 9: 1 ratio of signals going
INTO the LGN of the thalamus, the 9 being "feedback" (predictions) from
the brain and the 1 being signals from the optic nerve. Now the signal
from the optic nerve always dominates, but the output is an error signal
not like the video cable you get out of your VCR...

Now what we find when we consider dream states and how that seems to
work, that generating perceptions is a primary function of the brain. It
makes no sense that the brain would invest metabolic energy in a system
that it only uses when it's asleep. -- no, wakefulness is sensory
guided/anchored sleep. ;)

There is actually shockingly little else to say about consciousness. I
suppose because people are either so overwhelmed by it or have emotional
reasons to want there to be more. Sorry, this is what it is, this is how
it works. =|   Deal with it, make the AGI, and bring on the robot
apocalypse. =P

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