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> > That's a good point. Maybe we could add "as long as the announcement
> > is not conditioned on anything". It's possible that R478's requirement
> > that "by announcement" actions must be unambiguous would imply this
> > anyway.
> >
> > --
> > - Falsifian
> I have realized the value of the Roshambo Wheel switch will often
> become "indeterminate", and thus be reset to the default. So, I agree
> with Aris that some sort of higher-powered rule change would be needed
> to have changes to switches depend on the future.
> Fortunately, I can get around it by not making the Roshambo Wheel a
> switch. Updated draft, with the following changes:
> * Defined and used "by unconditional announcement".
> * The Roshambo Wheel is not a switch. I hope the new text works.
> * I removed With Notice from winning. I see Spaaace has it, but I'm not
>   sure why. I'll put it back if someone explains it.
> * Change "Spin" to "Commune" and "Change eir Mind about spinning" into
>   "Reach into the Past".
> * A player CANNOT play Roshambo if e has Communed in the past 4 days.
> * Default the Roshambo Wheel to Rock.
> * Add a delay between playing and updating a player's score, to keep the
>   score determinate. Add an officer to track the scores.
> AI: 1
> Co-authors: Jason Cobb
> Text:
> Enact a new power-0.5 rule titled "Clairvoyant Roshambo", with the
> following text.
>       At every time, the Roshambo Wheel is set to exactly one of Rock,
>       Paper or Scissors. When the Rules do not say that its value
>       changes, it stays the same. If it would otherwise not be set to a
>       value, it is set to Rock.
>       To perform an action "by unconditional announcement" is to perform
>       it by announcement and not specify any condition upon which the
>       action depends in that announcement.
>       Whenever a player has not done so in the past 4 days, e CAN
>       Commune with the Wheel by unconditional announcement, specifying
>       Rock, Paper or Scissors.  A player CAN Reach into the Past by
>       unconditional announcement at any time. If a player Communes the
>       Wheel at a time T, and does not Reach into the Past in the four
>       days following T, then at time T I the value of the Roshambo Wheel
>       is changed to the value e specified.
>       The Medium is an office. Roshambo Score is a player switch with
>       possible values all integers, tracked by the Medium.  To increase
>       a player's Roshambo Score is to flip it to a value one greater
>       than it was, and to decrease it is to flip it to a value one less
>       than it was.
>       Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock.
>       Once per Agoran week, each player CAN Play Roshambo by
>       unconditional announcement, specifying Rock, Paper or Scissors.
>       When e does so:
>       * If e specifies a value that beats the current value of the Roshambo
>         Wheel, then 4 days later, eir Roshambo Score is increased.
>       * If e specifies a value that is beaten by the current value of the
>         Roshambo Wheel, then 4 days later, eir Roshambo Score is
>         decreased.
>       A player with a Roshambo Score of at least 10 CAN Transcend Time
>       by announcement.  When e does so, e wins the game, and all
>       instances of the Roshambo Score switch are flipped to 0.
> --
> - Falsifian

Okay, a few things.

* Defining “unconditional announcement” is probably overkill; any sane
judge would arrive at that that anyway, and it adds a bit to bloat.
* You should probably say "Roshambo Score is an integer player switch" (R
* You should probably say "increased by 1" and "decreased by 1" (or
incremented and decremented) instead of redefining those terms. (R2509)
* I'd prefer an award of coins along with a SHOULD encouraging the Herald
to give the patent title of "Time Lord"
* I agree that this almost certainly works in this limited case.


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