On 8/2/19 5:02 PM, Kerim Aydin wrote:
Fair point, and it's a matter of preference. This just seemed a bit
experimental for a full win mechanism to me.
Actually, I wonder if we should think about some kind of "debugging"
mechanism for victories.  Something like "when a win method is first
implemented (some mechanism, probably involving Agoran Consent, for
figuring out whether the first win was due to a win as intended or due
to finding a bug)".  If it was "win as intended" then champion,
otherwise you get a "debugging" title.  After a certain amount of time
that "debugging" goes away and it's a straight win - if you find a
loophole that nobody's spotted at the beginning, you deserve the full

(Now that I've written this, it's the sort of thing that's clear in
concept but really squishy to hard-code).

I'm ambivalent about this - I see the case for a person deserving a win if they find a bug, but I also see the case that bugs happen and all of the consequences of a win shouldn't necessarily happen for a bug.

It feels artificial to restrict it to the first win (time limit is fine, though) - there can be multiple bugs in a subgame or copycats (although it seems to me, in my limited time here, that copycats don't really happen).

How exactly would the Rules specify different methods of victory? I've seen that Victory Conditions were a thing in the past, but they don't exist any more.

Jason Cobb

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