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We took this decision after much thought, debate and considering the various up and down sides of handling it very seriously. We know that a mailing list work-flow is very precious for people used to working with them (plenty of us including), however in order to grow the community as a whole, and also help making the discussions on such forum more searchable and accessible, we decided that this move will be beneficial for everyone involved.

If you enjoy working with mailing-lists, and would like to continue
to do so with the new forums, please have a look at the hints in the
Discuss Meta <https://discuss.lightbend.com/c/meta> topics, where we
prepared hints on how to set up the notifications to work as-if a
mailing list <https://discuss.lightbend.com/t/how-to-use-the-discuss-forum-as-a-mailing-list/61>

Which says:

Warning about the “mailing list mode”

While Discourse offers a so-called “mailing list mode” that you can
enable in your email settings in your preferences this mode is “all
in”, and will deliver you emails for all categories in this forum. If
your tagging and filtering skills are good, you may indeed want to
try the mailing list mode and set up filters in your email client
fine tuned such as you would normally. If you find a setup that works
well for you, please do share it so others may also benefit from your

Since this forum is shared between various tech, you most likely will
find this style of interaction too noisy. We instead recommend tuning
the notification settings, with combination of watching categories2
for an optimal user experience.

In other words, despite what's said in the announcement there is no useable emailing mode in Discourse. This must be the 4th or 5th mailing list that I've been on that's been replaced by Discourse, and I've learned not to argue against it because switching to Discourse seems to accompanied by be some sort of religious conviction about how much better it is, which it is futile to argue against.

What I will observe is that in the other cases I've seen the switch made the usefulness of the forum plummets because the people with experience and who provide much of the benefit simply don't make the transition to Discourse as it requires visiting yet another website and trawling through a clunky web interface to see if there's anything interesting and they simply don't have the time or patience to do that. As a result the conversation rapidly degenerates to really basic "How do I get X to work" questions that would be better off on Stack Overflow.

Looking at the https://discuss.lightbend.com site it's clear that Lightbend have made a corporate-level decision to abandon mailing lists and switch to Discourse, presumably because the PHBs think Facebookising the interactions between Lightbend and their community looks prettier. That's a shame, as I certainly won't be using it.

Alan Burlison

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