On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 7:17 AM, Johan Andrén <johan.and...@typesafe.com>

> Sorry to hear that you dislike Discuss so much you won't be coming along
> there Alan.

I gotta say -- Alan's not alone in these concerns.  I'm pretty active on
both Scala-Contributors and Scala-Users, and while I put up with the
mailing list mode for them, I hate it with a burning passion.  On the one
hand, it's necessary (I've demonstrated experimentally that I don't
actually follow what's going on without it), but it's such an uncritical
firehose as to be borderline disease-worse-than-the-cure.

As a result, I'm on the fence about getting involved with the new Akka and
Play forums.  I may go for it -- if the volume remains at the level of the
mailing lists, it won't be too bad.  But I'd be a lot less reluctant
(possibly eager, even) if Discourse would fix the damned mailing list mode
to respect the other settings.  I'm surprised and disappointed that they
haven't prioritized this...

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