On 17/03/18 00:10, Justin du coeur wrote:

As a result, I'm on the fence about getting involved with the new Akka and
Play forums.  I may go for it -- if the volume remains at the level of the
mailing lists, it won't be too bad.  But I'd be a lot less reluctant
(possibly eager, even) if Discourse would fix the damned mailing list mode
to respect the other settings.  I'm surprised and disappointed that they
haven't prioritized this...

I think you don't have to look any further than Jeff Atwood's opinion of email and the people that use it to figure why it's still so broken despite all the requests over the years:


I don't know if they have fixed it, but it always used to be the case that you couldn't start new "topics" via email and you had to log in to the Discourse BUI in order to do so, so the email functionality was basically useless and you were forced to use the BUI.

Alan Burlison

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